Sunday, January 5, 2014

A year of gratitude: Day 4

Thankful for the way the new weather app tells you the sunrise and sunset times.  It's the only way I can tell that the days are getting longer, and I really appreciate that! 

In sewing news, I made a few washcloths the other day.  It was a nice nap time project and we could always use a few more!

Saturday, January 4, 2014

A year of gratitude: Day 3

Day 3: Thankful for family fun time.

We spent about 10 minutes getting dressed to go out, 2 minutes in the snow (one of us was not amused), and the rest of the day in the nice warm house! 

Oh Crap!

Crap on a stick!  I forgot to post Day 2!!!  I did actually do my Day 2 of gratitude, but I only posted to Instagram and Facebook!  Oops!  Well here it is...

Day 2: thankful for snow days, which mean extra time with my two favorite people!!

Thursday, January 2, 2014

A Year of Gratitude

Let me start by keeping it real.  I come from complainers.  (Mom's side.)  They don't mean to be complainers.  I don't even think they realize they're doing it.  But they're complainers nonetheless.  On Thanksgiving I talked to three people and heard three people complain.  I did not hear about what they were thankful for.  The whole phone call made me think about a time in grad school when I was so fed up that I would only listen to complaints from someone if they also had something good to tell me.  1 complaint, 1 good thing.  3 complaints?  You guessed it.  You better have 3 good things to talk about. It worked pretty well but I eventually slacked off, and the positive comments dwindled.  

Then last week I came across this article on Facebook.  My high school gym teacher posted it.  (He finds the best stuff!)  It's an article on the benefits of teaching children gratitude. The main idea is this:

"Gratitude works like a muscle. Take time to recognize good fortune, and feelings of appreciation can increase."

(But don't take my word for it.  I really think the article is worth a read!)

With our own little munchkin growing before our eyes, we're constantly thinking about things we hope to teach her about being a kind and generous human.  (We also think about important things like "what if she doesn't like raclette?")  So here's my plan to retrain myself.  This year, I will post one thing I'm thankful for every day.  It might be a big thing, it might be a small thing.  It might be paired with some crafty info or it might just be a sentence or two.  It might be an insanely lofty goal, especially from someone who has been posting about once every three months, if that!  But I'm going to try.  Because the best way for me to teach my snuggle bug an "attitude of gratitude" is to live it myself. 

And so for Day 1: I am thankful for celebrating my bugaboo's first Christmas with a day of jammies, toys, chewing on wrapping paper (not me.) and lots and lots of snuggles and kisses.  It was perfect and a week later I'm still basking in the bliss!
What are you thankful for today?

Monday, November 4, 2013

Baby steps to a finished quilt

I'm still chugging along on my Marcelle Medallion.  Since my last update I managed to add the flying geese, cut, piece, and add the brick border, pick out fabrics for the next border, and organize stuff for the crosses (border after the next border)!  Plus, I made a Halloween costume before Halloween (what?!?), made name labels to iron on clothes for daycare, and made/modified a couple of bibs.  Whew! (If only I could get some pictures and write real posts about all of that!)

Anywho, here's where I stand:
I really wanted to push to get the top completed by Thursday, since I go back to work on Friday.  But the reality is that I'll probably be too busy sobbing about having to return to work sans baby.  (I've considered just wearing her like an accessory and acting normal...I mean, no one would notice, right?)  Now to distract myself, I'm going to go peruse the other beauties in the Marcelle Medallion Quilt Along - you should seriously go check them out - they're stunning!!  Also, special thanks to Jenn (a.k.a. Penny) for hosting!  Even though I could not keep up to save my life, it was so much fun to quilt along and the perfect project for these early days of nap time sewing!

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Still moving

I'm woefully behind on my Marcelle Medallion Quilt Along project, but still moving forward so I'm calling that success!  In all honesty, I've been running around like crazy going to exercise classes, and mom groups, and meeting up with new mom friends, and hanging out with the baby and the mister (including a couple of snuggly naps - the best!)!  So even though I haven't had a ton of time for sewing, I've been having fun just living life!

I did manage to get border 2 attached just after my last post - and I decided to wait on attaching border 3 until I finished making border know, just in case my piecing skills left something to be desired...I figured I could always use the solid borders to make up for any deficiencies!

So here's my crapalicious cell phone pic of my progress so far:

I made my flying geese borders and any day now I should be able to attach them! (Hey, 2 month old baby!  If you're reading this, you will need to take good naps in order for me to get this done.  And I can only assume that if you're reading already, you can probably understand my desperate pleas for you to no more excuses! K? Thanks!)  Now, if I were up to speed on this, I would be attaching the next two borders.  TWO!!!  I need to get in gear!

Quick notes about my flying geese
1. I started using Best Press spray when I ironed my fabrics.  I should have done this for border 2 to avoid stretching, but I didn't think of it until after I attached my slightly wiggly border pieces.  Whatevs.
2. I made foundation paper piecing templates after Jen (Pinkbrain_here) so brilliantly thought of it!  It took me approximately 1000 tries before I got the measurements right.  (See plea for sleep above.)  I'm going to try to write a quick post in the next few days with my template in case anyone is interested in using it but you should feel free to ask about it if I forget (very likely!).  The piecing went pretty quickly though and my border pieces are beautiful and perfect, if I do say so myself!

Even though I'm really behind schedule, I'm soooo super happy with how this quilt is shaping up and I can't wait to see it finished!   

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Slow and steady...

wins the race mostly keeps up with the quilt along.

Apologies for not warning you that I might post something 2 weeks in a row.  If you were not sitting down, you probably just got woozy.  If you were sitting down, you may have fallen out of your chair...making it somehow worse than standing.  It was thoughtless of me. 

This one will have to be short and sweet - my little snuggle bug is up from her nap and I probably only have about 60 seconds before the "feed me meltdown" begins - but by some miracle, this week I managed to attach border 1 and piece most of border 2 for my Marcelle Medallion!  

I just have to pick a color for the corner blocks and I'll be able to attach border 2!  I used an acrylic template to cut the equilateral triangles and both the cutting and the piecing went pretty quickly.  (I cut small rectangles of each print and then stacked them in groups of 4 to cut the triangles...otherwise I would have dropped dead of boredom...right after my neck and shoulders fell off from hunching over for so long...imagine what an ugly death that would have been.)  I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the strips aren't too wiggly though - I bought some Best Press after I pieced the triangles together...yeah, that's about right for me!  Oh well - it will still be handy for the flying geese that are coming up. 

I'm pretty psyched that at the end of week 2, I'm still hanging in there with the QAL!  And I'm kind of in love with how everything is turning out so far.  Now the race is on for the next round of borders!  Now I'm going to go save the planet from a baby meltdown and you go check out everyone's progress.  We'll meet back here next week.