Monday, November 4, 2013

Baby steps to a finished quilt

I'm still chugging along on my Marcelle Medallion.  Since my last update I managed to add the flying geese, cut, piece, and add the brick border, pick out fabrics for the next border, and organize stuff for the crosses (border after the next border)!  Plus, I made a Halloween costume before Halloween (what?!?), made name labels to iron on clothes for daycare, and made/modified a couple of bibs.  Whew! (If only I could get some pictures and write real posts about all of that!)

Anywho, here's where I stand:
I really wanted to push to get the top completed by Thursday, since I go back to work on Friday.  But the reality is that I'll probably be too busy sobbing about having to return to work sans baby.  (I've considered just wearing her like an accessory and acting normal...I mean, no one would notice, right?)  Now to distract myself, I'm going to go peruse the other beauties in the Marcelle Medallion Quilt Along - you should seriously go check them out - they're stunning!!  Also, special thanks to Jenn (a.k.a. Penny) for hosting!  Even though I could not keep up to save my life, it was so much fun to quilt along and the perfect project for these early days of nap time sewing!