Wednesday, March 20, 2013

WIP Wednesday

So what have I been up to lately?  Oh, you know...just growing a human! 
We had our second ultrasound and it's a girl!!  A squirmy, wiggly little girl who already appears to be talking with her hands.  (I'm sure I don't know where she gets that!)

So of course we immediately went shopping and spent a paycheck at Carter's. We got everything from pjs to a party dress...(yeah...I know...but they're so cute and tiny!)  And then I spent waaaaay too much time putting together potential color palettes. (I mean, what could be more important than picking a color palette and displaying it in mosaic form, I ask you?!?)  For the moment, I'm thinking of this one (it looks better with the actual fabric swatches):
Light gray walls, white furniture, aqua, turquoise, yellow, and just about every, single shade of pink.  Although if you ask me again in 5 minutes, it could be totally different!

So here's where I stand with the WIPs:
~ Growing a human: in progress
~ Filling a closet for said human-in-progress with clothes that will probably be outgrown before we can cut the tags off: in progress
~ Picking a color palette: in progress
~ Approximately 1 bazillion sewing projects: in progress, 1 itsy bitsy finish (stay tuned)


  1. Bem Vinda linda menina,e que DEUS ABENÇOE E PROTEJA.Bençãos a família.Beijos do BRASIL

  2. Congratulations!!! I love baby girls, but I might be biased since I have such a good one! Who sadly is almost 18... I'm happy to watch you play around with pink and remember those special special days... Best wishes and health for all of you. There'll be time to sew tomorrow... possibly. :-)

  3. Oh that's wonderful!! Yay! And the palette is lovely. You should have a ton of fun with that one.

    And try to take it easy, 'kay? :-)

  4. I knew it!!! My guess was a girl! Yaaaaaay!!! Can I add to the many handmade goodies the little princess will receive??? SO EXCITED FOR YOU GUYS! HEEHEE!

  5. Oh Shannon!! She is already beautiful. SO excited for you guys in this fun, fun time! Can't wait to see what you put together for her room. You have fabulous taste. <3 <3 <3

    PS My heart is exploding with happiness about this little one. <3

  6. Congratulation for your incoming baby girl. I know you are excited and happy, take care of her.

  7. I have saved this post till I got a chance to sit down at the computer and tell you CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!! And I am in love with your color palette! But of course I am...grays, white, aqua, yellow and pinks. I mean seriously--is this room for baby or for me???


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