Tuesday, January 1, 2013

They started it!...

Happy New Year, Everyone!!!  Christmas just flew by again this year and somehow I find myself having to go back to work tomorrow.  Boooo!  I managed to get a lot of sewing done over the past week or so, which is good since I have about 5,000 projects I need to finish!  However, thanks to the pop-up Instagram quilt along started by Megan, Brenda, Katy, Rita, and Lindsey, (and egged on by nearly everyone else) I have neglected ALL of those 5,000 projects over the past few days and started a new one. 
It's super addictive and the blocks only take about 30 minutes each! 
Come on...just try it...everyone else is doing it!.... (#scrappytripalong on Instagram and Flickr group here...just sayin'!)


  1. I got sucked in toooooo!!! I'm working on blocks 9-12 right now. Four at a time works best for moi.

  2. I'm trying to work through some things I NEED to get done first, but the pressure is getting to be too much!! ;)

  3. hahah! I love the finger pointing going on here! I feel ya on the bazillion projects that I need to get finished! Ugh. Your blocks are beautiful! Love that you're sneaking in some super awesome DS fabrics. <3 <3 <3


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