Monday, October 1, 2012

Have you heard the news?

My secret celebrity boyfriend, Joel Dewberry, is going to be the keynote speaker at Sewing Summit!  WHAT?!? 

You know who else will be teaching a class?  My secret celebrity homeboy, Quilt Dad.  WHAT?!?

You're probably getting a little nervous that I'll do something to embarrass myself...or become incarcerated....well, fear not.  I'm really good at playing it cool.  (That is a lie.)


  1. I am jealous!!!! Wish I was going... ;( Have fun and don't do anything too embarrassing!

  2. I'm rather fond of your secret celebrity boyfriend as well :)

  3. We have to promise to start poking each other with sticks if we start to hyperventilate and embarrass ourselves.


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