Monday, October 29, 2012

Blogger's Quilt Festival

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I'm adding my Single Girl to the Blogger's Quilt Festival!  I wanted to make this quilt for quite some time before I actually started on it.  And I'm so glad I went for it! 

If you're a regular visitor, you might remember it from this post.  And if this is your first time stopping by, then welcome!  Here's a quick recap for ya.

I made this quilt for a dear friend as a wedding gift.  She had been a self-proclaimed "single girl for life"...right up until she got engaged.  I started with the dark purpley-red wine color of the bridesmaids' dresses and expanded into bright reds, orange, and one or two pinks and purples.  
The piecing was a challenge, but the quilting is where I spent most of my energy! (It's also my favorite thing about this quilt!)
Since my single girl was getting hitched, I used the quilting to transform it into a wedding ring pattern.  It wouldn't have been so bad if I had left myself enough time to pebble an entire quilt.  (But why would I make life easy for myself?)  I spent every spare second working on it and by some miracle, it was finished with a whole 24 hours to spare!
(wow - this is not a great picture...but you can kinda see the quilting?...)
This is one of my greatest achievements to date, second only to the time I single-handedly bathed two dogs and lived to tell the tale.  And in all honesty, if it had been for anyone else I may have kept it for myself, whipped up a quick whole-cloth quilt for the happy couple, and called it fair. But I really love my friend and she really loved the quilt!  Success!!

So here are the final stats:

Size: ~85"x92"
Pattern: Single Girl by Denyse Schmidt
Techniques: patience, free-motion quilting
Quilted by: me
Best Categories:  home machine quilted, bed quilt

Thanks again for stopping by and super-extra thanks to Amy for hosting the festival!


  1. I cannot believe that you quilted this one your home machine! It's absolutely stunning! And I love the idea of making the double wedding ring with the quilting.

  2. Stunning quilt! I love the secondary pattern you have created with your quilting too.

  3. Turning it into a double wedding ring with the quilting was genius! It would have been hard for me to part with such a pretty quilt.

  4. I think this is my favourite of your quilts... I loved it so much the first time I saw it. Still do. :-) Never seen "patience" listed as a technique before. Lol. Have to remember that.

  5. Fantastic job! The quilting is a wonderful addition to the pattern.

  6. I love how you used the quilting to add to the design - excellent!! =)

  7. Oh my! You've given me a good idea. My brother, a confirmed 41 yo bachelor, got married this past Monday. I need a gift for their reception ont he 10th. I don't think I have time for a bed quilt, but a smaller one might be doable. Your quilt is wonderful.

  8. Your idea with the quilting transforming the single girl pattern into the wedding ring patten is simply brilliant. Thank you so much for sharing this quilt.

  9. Love your quilting. The colors are fab too.

  10. This is fabulous - I love the quilting!


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