Sunday, September 9, 2012

What I did on my summer vacation: Sewing Edition, part 1

As you may remember from previous posts, I'm part of the Empower Circle of do. Good Stitches.  Well, our group decided to take August off to get caught up on our dGS quilting projects (and to get caught up on life).  I have to admit, I was feeling all proud of myself for finishing my quilt in a timely fashion...until I realized that it's almost my turn again...which means I was just as slow as I was the first time around!  Oh well...a finish is a finish! 

I asked everyone to make string blocks with warm colors on one side of the string, and cool colors on the other.  Our color palette was rainbow.  Burn your eyes out, unicorns and care bears, magically delicious rainbow.  I pieced it all together in a jiffy and it's everything I dreamed it would be!...
The size would have been perfect with the blocks made by the group, but it was eating away at me to only have 2.5 warm diamonds on each I made a few extra blocks and sprinkled them in to bring it to an even 3 and appease my OCD side.  I exercised a LOT of self control by not using it for a nap or keeping it for myself.  I really, really, really love this one!

I asked everyone to keep the seams parallel, but to vary the width of the strips for the color pieces.  The varied strip widths serve two purposes:
1. You don't have to worry about all of the seams matching up when you sew the blocks together.  (I'm lazy.)
2. It looks cool.

Here's a close-up of one of the diamonds...
Since the front was a tad busy, I kept the back muted and simple. The whole back is made of this soft's one of my all-time faves.
You can also see the quilting there.  I wanted to do some sort of free motion, and since I did stippling on the last one, I gave it the old loopity-loop this time.  It went really quickly!  (Side note: I tend to make small elongated loops so my exercise with this quilt was to keep them big and anyone else singing Baby Got Back right now?)  For the binding, I used one of my other favorites, Pure Organic in Aqua.  It worked really well with the bright piecing and I LOVE the way it looks with the backing fabric!

It ended up being a generous lap size - I think it might work as a twin coverlet - it will definitely work for napping. (I promise, I didn't use it...I just measured it against my usual nap quilt....pinky swear!)  So now it's off to fulfill its quilt destiny at Alternatives for Girls!!  Happy travels, quilt!


  1. This turned out to be beautiful! Great concept and vision!

  2. Love! Whoever gets it won't be able to sleep heehee

    Btw I wouldn't have been able to leave the warm squares as halves either.

  3. Looks awesome!! I love your quilting - did you quilt loopties straight across from R to L? Or is it completely random, all over loopties? (I might want to try this method, but am incredibly intimidated!!!)

  4. This looks amazing. It makes me want to do another string quilt!

  5. Shannon, this is freakin' awesome. It's gorgeous. I love it.

    Also, it looks like your England trip was incredibly fun. I'm totally jealous. And yet, very happy for you. :-)


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