Sunday, May 27, 2012

I need a vacation!

Luckily, I'm only hours away from flying off to London! 

Here's how the last 10 days have gone...

Last weekend: drove to NJ to give my grandmother my old car, take her to DMV to do lots of fun DMV stuff, and eat dinner (at 2:00, of course) before turning around and driving home. 

(side note: we're having work done on our house while we're we're living in a "studio house" right is 100% have to crawl over our bed to get to the makes me insane!  So after a crazy day with my crazy family, we came home to a crazy house...SERENITY NOW!)

Last week:  work plus errands, plus working on the single girl, plus trying to get ready for vacation

Friday: leave work early, but not early enough to avoid holiday traffic.  Took about 1 bazillion hours to get to NJ.  Then late dinner with mom, super late visit with friends, return to mom's house to find ourselves locked out...put a lot of effort into not being snarky with mom.  Drove to hotel.  Got denied!  (Seriously?)...put a lot of effort into not throwing myself onto the floor and having a temper tantrum.  Drove to other hotel and finally fell asleep way past my bedtime.  Slept for 2 hours.  Woken up by freight wait, it was just my mom snoring...started to make loud noises like slamming a glass down on the end table to wake her up...failed but by then I was wide awake from all my efforts.  (Seriously?)

Saturday: Breakfast with BFF, bridal shower for other BFF, fueled up with Chick-Fil-A, drove back to CT

Today: packed suitcase, put a lot of effort into staying awake

Somewhere in the middle of all that: pieced my dGS quilt top (may still need borders to fatten it up...)

So I'm off for a week of visiting friends, raiding Liberty, and generally acting very British.  (That's code for "I'll be drinking lots of tea and using words like brilliant!")  Hopefully by the time I return, I'll be able to type in full sentences again!  Cheerio!!


  1. Make sure you have your pinkie out!!! Have loads of fun and I'll miss you! Froyo date when you're back, yes? *HUGS* Safe travels my dear friend!!!

  2. You're going??? Have a LOT of fun for me, 'kay?

  3. Oh, that's lovely! Beautiful colors. Hope your trip was marvelous.


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