Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Happy Mail

My amazing, sweet, generous cousin sent me a present.  It was a quilt made by my great-grandmother, Granny Irene!  WHAT!?!  That's right!  It's been hanging in my cousin's house and she thought that I would like to look after it for a while, seeing as how I'm quilty and all!  I almost fainted!  (Bonus points to my cousin for cramming this whole quilt into a medium flat-rate shipping box...she's amazing in many ways!  I wish I had taken a picture...opening the box was like watching a clown car!)

This one has been seriously loved...just the way a quilt should be, if you ask me! Check out those quilt fragments flappin' in the breeze!  Pieces of the backing and batting are missing too...it's like a giant version of my childhood "blankie!" 
I'm guessing it's pretty old but it has a really modern look to it, no?  I love the fabrics and I love the block.  When Meesh posted her Carpenter's Wheel I almost fell out of my chair!  It's the same one!!
My dad says Granny Irene would save every scrap of fabric she could get her hands on to make her quilts.  (I think they were hand pieced...I could probably go check but I'm too lazy to walk to the guest room...)  Then she and her friends would sit around the quilting frame to hand quilt each one.  This one was quilted with green thread that looks like Pearl Cotton.  LOVE!
 The orange and gray block below is my favorite!!
I only met Granny a few times, but having this makes me feel close to her.  I'm hoping I can restore the quilt.  It will be a long, long, long-term project but I'm up for it!  Thanks again, cuz! 


  1. That is just beautiful! Your cousin is very generous.

  2. I've been so looking forward to seeing this quilt! It's gorgeous!!! My two favourite blocks are the orange and grey, and purple and teal ones. SO pretty!

  3. Wowsa! You weren't kidding! THIS. IS. AMAZING. That gray and red/white striped block is to die for. What a neat little thing to have around :)

  4. What goes around comes around, huh? This looks just like a quilt today's blogger would feature! How awesome to have it! I have my eye on some of the quilts at my Grandma's house that her Mom made. I hope they come to me someday. I LOVE that aqua/red combo and the orange and gray. Your Granny Irene had a real eye for color combos. :)

  5. my sweet, sweet cousin/friend - nothing made me happier than sending this quilt to you (besides being able to get a cheap rate by squeezing it in that mailing box). We girls of Gibson ancestry are a determined lot. The part of this quilt that I ADORE is that it was used. Remember, she raised a whole litter of kids (like what, 10 or 11?), helped deliver another half the county, and gardened to feed her brood. As sweet as Poppy was, he wasn't what you'd call a "worker." But anyway, she did save ever little piece of anything and used them for patches, quilts, clothes, whatever she needed. Do with it what you'd like - rebind it, cut it up in little pieces, frame it, whatever. Just USE it. It has too much history to be put in a box or a chest and never loved again. Much love, kl


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