Sunday, February 12, 2012

My favorite relative

Sorry Mom, but Aunt Edna is my favorite!  Got me some this weekend...30% a 20%-off-my-total-purchase coupon!  BOOYAH!!  (Are you allowed to say booyah when referring to fabric and coupons?) 


  1. yes you are allowed to say booyah to that! where did you get your 20% total purchase coupon? I have resigned to the fact I'm not going to purchase Aunt Edna unless I can get it for at least 40% off the sticker price (and that's hard to do when it's on sale and you can't use the % off coupon!)

  2. You booyah whenever the hell you want! We need to get you the last three prints... I looked yesterday and they don't seem to have more than the 9 you bought. Bah!


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