Monday, December 5, 2011

Hello, my name is Quilt...

...and I am an addict.

I had to put it all on a dinner tray to carry it outside...
Highlights include my goodies from the Lucy and Norman destash (top 4 pics), Organic Soul Blossoms, Little Apples, Heath in 5 colors, Heirloom (by my BF Joel Dewberry), a bunch of Denyse Schmidt from Joann Fabric (yeah, that's on top of my sample sale spoils), random FQs that I HAD to have...and all the reds I've been collecting for my Single Girl (I have 33, I probably only bought 25 of them for this project though...that doesn't mean I have a problem, does it?)...and a bunch of Shades of Grey...   Oh, and some Outfoxed.  Those are just the highlights...and I keep finding more...  I'm trying to control myself but I don't know how long I can go without a fix...  Do they have support groups for this? 


  1. I can totally relate. I've been very naughty these days. Be sure to message me if you ever need to do a destash. ;)

  2. Oh, dear. I've been enabled! ;-)


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