Monday, November 14, 2011

Best day of shopping. Ever.

On Saturday, Audrie and I went to the Denyse Schmidt sample sale!!  What the what!?!  Yep, you read that correctly...the Denyse Schmidt SAMPLE SALE!!  Everything about it was amazing!  The quilt, the fabric, the deals!...  I even talked to DS herself!  I tried to play it cool, but I'm 99.9% sure I acted like an inappropriately flirty teenage girl...I wouldn't be surprised to find out that I had been twirling my hair and giggling and blushing.  Whatever.  I blame her for being so amazing.  You should hop on over to Audrie's blog immediately to check out her pictures!  She immortalized our day in photos.  (I'm probably going to print them out and keep them with me at all times.)  Plus she's awesome.  Go now!

I did not take any pictures while we were there.  I was too busy grabbing everything I could get my hands was like I was on Supermarket Sweep.  Come to think of it, a shopping cart would have really come in handy!  Anyway, I got some delicious presents for myself! 
 Single Girl quilt, queen size, $75 (Don't be jealous!  Ok, I take that back.  Just go ahead and be jealous if you want to!)
 Spool quilt, twin size, $75
Fat quarter bundles of Daisy Mae and Sugar Creek  (WHAT!?!  Do you know how long it would take me to get all of these with Joann coupons?)

I also got 1 small scrap bag and 3 large scrap bags of solids, which will be perfect for my improv project!...oh wait, did I forget to mention that I'm taking Denyse's Improv Patchwork workshop in February?  THAT'S RIGHT!  Audrie asked if I wanted to go with her...I immediately signed up and started a countdown. (T-minus 95 days and counting.)  I got so much stuff that my arms were sore for two felt like I had been pumpin' iron (if you've ever seen my chicken arms, you know how hilarious that would be!)...but I was really just carrying fabric and quilts around the it sad that I'm so out of shape? or awesome that I found so much stuff to buy?  I'm going with awesome!

We also had cupcakes for lunch at Toppings and stopped at IKEA for fabric and hot dogs.  Don't judge!

Now if you'll excuse me I have to go roll around in my giant pile of goodies!


  1. No judging here. I LOVE IKEA hotdogs. And I'm totally jealous of your amazing DS buys.

  2. O.M.G! Seriously? $75 for a queen sized single girl quilt? No way. I will just go ahead and not believe that one. You're gonna love that improv class, btw, she came to la recently and people raved about it.

  3. You're the best shopping partner EVER! I had so much fun, I'm still recovering from it :) Can't wait for the improv workshop!!!

  4. You totally scored!!! Thanks for allowing me to be jealous. Because I am. I LOVE the Single Girl!!

  5. What ever!! Just brag why dont ya!!

  6. Oh man, I am super jealous. $75 for that quilt is amazing. If I put a penny into a jar for each time I even think of the fabrics I'll be using, the order to put them in, the agony of cutting each piece, the fear of actually starting to sew this.... I think I could probably have bought three of those quilts.

    Super jealous and can't wait to see you photo-document EVERYthing =)

  7. I am so super jealous and laughing at your description of yourself carrying it all! Good for you on catching all of that loot. Sounds like a wonderful day. I'm still very jealous...

  8. I took Denyse's Improv Patchwork workshop a year ago, and it totally changed my work and me as an artist. (If I am actually an artist!) Truly, it was the best money ever spent regarding my quilting hobby/job/jobby.


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