Monday, October 17, 2011

My first time...

...making bee blocks for the do. Good Stitches Charity Bee!  Woohoo! 

I'm part of the Empower Circle (and I kind of want to roar like a lion every time I say "Empower!").  October is  Two Hippos' month.  She gave us an awesome block pattern and requested warm, fall colors.  These are my blocks: (ok, every time I read "these are my blocks" I hear the Law and Order Voice in my head.  Doink-doink!)
They'll be in the mail as soon as I can get my butt to the post office.  (So, let's say Saturday!)
November is my month for Empower, so I better get crackin' and come up with a block design!  Any suggestions?


  1. Your blocks are PERFECT! What are your tips for not allowing your machine to eat up your corners (my typical problem)??!!??

  2. Oooh pretty! I have an unnatural love for anything with stars :)

  3. So gorgeous! Someone will love this quilt!

  4. I love yours!! Your color choices are great and everything looks so perfect!

  5. Very fun block!! ...and Wanted to let you know I've passed along an award to you! I think your blog is great and wanted to share it with others. Please visit my blog today to see my post:
    Thanks and no pressure...I understand life!

    Jenny, Sew Kind of Wonderful

  6. i just joined do. good stitches, too. i'm in dream circle. good luck with your month :)


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