Thursday, October 20, 2011

I did it! I did it!

Ok, I actually finished this before I started working...
Yep, I made my very own lunch bag! insulated lunch bag!  (Well, I pack so much stuff in it every day that I can't close it...but it has the potential to insulate!)
It's certainly not perfect.  Some spots around the handles were so thick that the needle didn't always go all the way through and I skipped a few stitches...but I can live with that.  Using it everyday will probably mean that it will turn gross and dirty before it falls apart...

This was my first time working with laminated cotton...and Insul-Bright...and the lining material (whatever that is!).  So I took the advice of the quilt shop ladies.  I also made up some stuff as I went along.  Here's what I ended up doing:

~ I used this pattern for the medium Camilla Insulated Bag.  It's been over a month, but as far as I remember, the instructions were fantastic!

~ pins + laminate = holes.  You can pin in the seam allowances but that wasn't working well for me.  So I used small binder clips
~ I started out using my walking foot but switched to the teflon foot - it was approximately 462 times easier with the teflon.  Ok, it wasn't such a dramatic difference, but I did like the teflon better.

~ I tried using tape to mark my quilting lines but it stuck to the laminate a little too well.  Since I used 2 layers of Insul-Bright, I marked lines on those layers with sharpie.  {Gasp!} That's right - I said SHARPIE!  (The Insul-Bright had too much texture and I was not interested in trying to trace each line 5000 times with some sort of disappearing ink pen.  Plus they faced each other on the inside of the sandwich so no one will ever see them and as far as I'm concerned, they can stay there for all eternity!)

~ Since the marked lines were on the Insul-Bright side, that left the laminate on the bottom.  I'm not sure it really helped, but I put tape over the surface of the base to make the laminate move through a little easier.
~ I used a longer stitch length than I would for regular sewing so there was no danger of making an awesome lunch bag with perforated seams...I couldn't take any chances with that one...(I'm definitely the kind of person that would pick up my bag and have the bottom drop out...I'm pretty sure that kind of disaster would happen on my way into work too and I would have to spend the entire day wearing Greek yogurt and olive oil or marinara or something that does not blend into khaki pants and acquires a deadly stench over the course of 8 hours!)
 It's the prefect size for my giant lunch containers + yogurt + water bottle + snacks for the drive home. (no, I'm not 4 years old...or 84...I just need a little something to get me home at the end of the day!)

Is it wrong that I'm in love with my own handiwork?


  1. Umm. I kind of want to make one now.

  2. I use a slider from this kit whenever I quilt but I bet it would have worked for this project too:


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