Thursday, September 22, 2011

How Lucky Am I?

First of all, my apologies for not posting in approximately 6,042 years.  But I started a new job about two weeks ago!  Woohoo!!  Life has been ever-so-slightly hectic as I adjust to a.) having to go to work instead of sewing and watching Animal Cops all the livelong day and b.) commuting an hour each way...again.  So far (after nine whole days of work) I love my job and I love my company and one day I will actually get the hang of things!  I'm just so happy to be gainfully employed - especially in today's job market...I am SO lucky!

Second, I received the most magical gifts from my awesome partner in the For the Love of Solids Swap!  Check out these beauties from Megan:
It's like a party dress for my sewing machine!  I have only managed to sew about 4 stitches in the last two weeks - and during all of that down time, my Brother has been all gussied up! 
And I got a matching pouch!  I have unnatural love for zipper pouches...I don't think I will EVER have too many!  This one is going to be for my ginormous hexies (more on that project when I actually start it!)!  Also, as this is a more portable version of the machine cover, I am tempted to take it with me wherever I go so I can pet it and gaze at it lovingly!  ('s an unhealthy obsession...)
Megan stuffed the pouch to the brim with scraps!  Glorious, delicious scraps!!  I am SO, super lucky!!  Don't be jealous! I had so much fun with the swapping and whatnot, I wanted to sign up for another one but I held myself back (see Reason for Being Lucky #1 above!)...

And today I found out that I am one of the newest quilters for the do. Good Stitches Charity Bee!!  There are a thirteen groups making quilts for different charities.  Our group will be sending quilts to a great organization called Alternatives for Girls.  I'm really excited (and SO lucky) to do. Good!!


  1. Super lucky! Your sewing machine looks like a present, and the matching zipper pouch is just as fun. I think it was a great swap!

  2. Oh my gosh, I LOVE the sewing machine cover. That makes me think that I want some sort of cute quilted cover for my KitchenAid. Then I could keep it from getting dirty and not feel so guilty about covering up it's boysenberry goodness.

  3. what an awesome swap! i still don't have a cover for my machine, even though i've been promising her one for a year.

  4. You ARE a lucky bunny! Loooove love love!


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