Thursday, September 1, 2011

Good Times

Yesterday Audrie and I went fabric shopping together!  It turns out we live really close to each close that I could ride my bike to her house....  Wait!  I'm laughing too hard to type...I can't catch my breath!  Aaaahhh Hahahaha!  Me...on a bike...aaaahhh hahaha!  Yeah, I don't ride bikes.  But it's a really short car ride!

I picked up a little bundle of random goodies (quilter's linen, a little more prince charming, some letters to play with) and some stuff to make an insulated lunch bag for myself!
my new bundle of joy

laminated cotton for lunch bag
We also ate lunch at a place where ordering 1 slice of pizza secretly means you want 2 slices of pizza. (what?  I guess math is hard for everyone!)  And we got a ginormous bowl of eggplant fries.  As someone who is generally against eggplant (weird texture, no flavor...I mean, come on eggplant...get your shit together!), I wasn't so sure about them...but the quilt shop ladies highly recommended them. And they were fantastic! 

I had so much fun hanging out with Audrie in real life!  (We might be twin souls.)  I'm looking forward to crafty high jinks to come!  Now I have to go get started on that lunch bag!

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