Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Why can't I quilt?

Ok, well maybe I can quilt a little...sometimes...but not when it comes to my Marshmallow Brochette quilt!  Weeks ago, I was happily quilting until I realized that I was getting puckers - lots o' puckers!  I counted to ten and then walked away before I hurt it.   Then one day I sucked it up and ripped out a ton of stitches.  (That's right, two thousand pounds of thread...ripped right out!).   Then I re-basted...but I was still frustrated so I let it sit in a chair for another week or so...then today I picked it up, quilted one line and...wait!..whatGIANT PUCKERS AGAIN!  What the hell?!?  I have never had this problem before!  (At least not to this degree!)  I figured re-basting would fix it!  Of course the middle half is quilted just fine...with a quarter of the quilting left to do on each side...I'm tempted to switch to hand quilting, but that will mean ripping everything out!  (Which would bring the total to well over four thousand pounds!) PLUS, I have already quilted three lines of text.  And I really, REALLY don't want to have to undo that!  So now it's being's sitting in the corner where it can think about what it's done...and I'm going to channel my energy and make it a dunce cap! 


  1. maybe pin more? I always find that if I pin a bit more I get less puckers. Also check your tension and check and see if you have any dust in your machine. It hides so check everywhere!

  2. Yuck! I'm so sorry! You could always get a longarm quilting machine! :)

  3. Ungh, how frustrating!


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