Thursday, August 4, 2011

Super-Extra-Amazing Goody!

Chris was the buyers' agent for a couple that bought a house a few weeks ago.  Part of the deal was that the seller didn't have to clean out the house.  Well, said seller left behind some goodies which the buyers let Chris look through...actually, more like pick through!  So check out this beauty!!!
Thank you seller who never threw anything away!  And thank you x10 to the buyers who didn't want an old sewing machine!  (Those buyers are my new best friends...even though I've never met them...) We have to get it a little tuneup but it looks like it was well-loved and cared for.  I can't wait to use it!!  PLUS there are a bunch of bobbins with fun-colored thread,
so fun!
a jar of buttons (didn't get a good picture - it might not be possible...the jar looks pretty gross on the outside but the buttons are good!), and a button hole sampler so that you know the right size for all of your button needs!  Thanks Previous Owner!
 Oh, and the manual and some feet!
(my foot was not supposed to be one of the feet!)
(And a ton of random stuff in the drawers...seriously random...we're talking shoulder pads! 1980s, Dorothy Zbornak, big-ass shoulder pads!)  The cabinet appears to be from the 70s or something.  It was also well cared for...but ugly. 
See?  Ugly.  (And yes, it's sitting on a wagon. That sucker weighs a ton!)
I might be able to spruce it up a little with some paint...but that means I will actually have to paint it will probably stay ugly! I used to drool over my friend's grandmother's Singer and NOW I HAVE ONE!  EEEEKKKK!  Ok, let's look at a few more pictures (if you say you don't want to see them, I'll think you're a liar!)...

 Ok, I'm going to go pet it a little...(don't judge!)

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  1. Congratulations on your new Singer! That's so cool!


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