Saturday, August 13, 2011

Somebody stop me!

I'm on a roll with these Farmer's Wife blocks!!
#10, bowtie
#6, big dipper
And my favorite, of all the things I've ever made...
#2, autumn tints
I just happened to be rummaging through my fabric bin and saw the frog prince next to that coral solid...I heard angels singing!  (I have since pulled fabrics for a new and glorious quilt based on my autumn tints block...I have no idea what pattern to use, but all of my colors ready to go!)
I also made a block for Natalie's block drive...
I forgot to cut the chairs on point...oopsie!!
check it out, make will make your heart happy! 

AND, another thing that will generate cardiac bliss is giving to the Action Kivu Fundraiser!  I have no connection to it (I am not a paid spokesperson!), but it seems like such a great cause and you can win fun prizes based on how much you donate.  I'm personally drooling over that Flea Market Fancy bundle!  I haven't felt such want since the Manolo Blahnik sample sale! Any little bit helps and the families who benefit will be much more grateful than Mr. Blahnik!!  (I'm sure he's a lovely man, but you get my point!)


  1. Your autumn tints block is fantabulous!

  2. thanks so much for making a block for my Rainbow I Spy drive!!


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