Monday, August 15, 2011

little houses

What do you do with a rainy Sunday?  Teach yourself to paper piece! 

You might remember that I tried it with the Night and Day block - I was less than successful.  But I really wanted to learn.  I've heard great things about Carol Doak's DVDs, but I really wasn't interested in leaving the house (or waiting for anything to arrive by mail)...enter YouTube!  I watched two random videos and got to work.  (Oh did I forget to mention that last time I dove in without even one bit of instruction and then became frustrated when I didn't magically do everything correctly!) 

Now, I had a series of blocks that I copied from a friend's book - they were all ready to go and numbered so you would know how to go about piecing them...sounds like a logical place to start, right?  Well, sometimes I'm just not the logical type...I drew my own little house, figured out what order to sew my pieces in, and got started!  In no time I had my first little house!
Hey, you didn't think I would start with something easy, did you?
Yeah, most people would probably start with a nice windowless, maybe even doorless, house...not me!  I like a good challenge!  (And I'm clearly out of my mind!)  Upon quilting, this house will also receive a doorknob and new vinyl windows!

Next up, I sketched out our's a real picture
and here's the fabric version...
(the fabric version didn't get a porch or landscaping...I'm not THAT crazy!)
(Oh, and sorry about the crappy pictures, but it's still raining!)
I have already sketched out another super-complicated block to piece...I'm sure it's above my skill level but I'm going for it anyway!!  If I manage to hold on to my sanity, I'll report back!


  1. That's fantastic! I love the super fancy second house that you did. :)

  2. Oh my gosh, I LOVE the fabric version of your house. It's so cute! You need two little fabric doggies outside. :)

  3. You are so clever. I so enjoy reading your blog. Patty D

  4. Thanks guys!! You're so sweet! (And Lindsey, I was planning on adding a garden gnome but I forgot!)


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