Saturday, August 27, 2011

Hello, my name is Lucy.

This is our little girl, Lucy:

We adopted her a little over a year ago.  These were the pictures that sucked us in...
how could anyone say "no" to this face?
 She came from Mississippi and she was a tiny little peanut when we got her! 
Fresh off the truck!  She only weighed about 10 lbs.
We got her when she was only 3 months old.  Puppyhood almost broke me - we were told she's a lab/shepherd mix, but I'm pretty sure there's a little great white shark mixed in there too!  This was Lucy on her 1st anniversary with us (in June)...
(is that a dog or a horse?)
She's such a goofy, funny dog!  Her likes include playing with toys (real toys or objects that she turns into toys...she's not picky!), swimming in her water bowl, and giving herself facials.
sometimes a girl needs to treat herself to  a mud mask...LUCY!!
She also likes to help baste quilts...
Her dislikes include being quiet and sitting still...
She also appears to have some issue with our Cotton Anniversary quilt.  When she first started sleeping on her bed (instead of in her crate) we took the quilt off the bed and tested her with random blankets...she never touched them.  In fact she never touched anything she wasn't supposed to.  So we put the quilt back on the bed and she chewed the binding! LUCY!!  But I fixed could barely tell where she took a bite!
So after I fixed it, we took the quilt lived on the couch for a while....she never touched it.  We used the down comforter on our bed...she never touched that either.  We put the quilt back on the bed...
So does she love the Liberty goodness so much that she literally had to eat it up or (gasp!) does she hate it and want to see it die?!?  And how the heck am I supposed to fix that one?  On a side note, we have developed the ability to distinguish the sounds of illegal objects (like quilts) being chewed...we even recognize these sounds in our sleep...but that Lucy is a fast little chewer and she can do a lot of damage in a little bit of time.  In fact, during her second offense, she was not otherwise misbehaving or trying to be destructive...she was just enjoying a little quiet time in the morning and absentmindedly gnawing on a quilt!...LUCY!!

Before I attempt any sort of repair, we have again put the quilt on our bed (the last couple of weeks have been a little chilly at night) - so far, so good...  But the heck am I going to fix it?!?  It's a good thing she's so cute!!


  1. Oh wow that's different! I've only seen quilts mended with patches, but I imagine you could hand stitch the backing, batting and top bit, trim to a right angle and slap on some binding? I don't know... I'm talking out of my rear end :)

  2. Yep, are pup did the same thing with one of our quilts. The damage was way worse, the quilt officially became his, there was no fixing it. I think you should be able to do some hand sewing to fix this up...and just think, this quilt now has another story that will pass on as it gets passed around!!

  3. I am determined to be the winner with this quilt! If it were a non-Liberty, non-Anniversary quilt, I might give in and let Lucy keep it. But not this one! I'm thinking you guys are right - I'll resect the bite, piece each layer back together, and use my last scrap to fix the binding! will certainly have a lot of stories to tell!


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