Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Sooo.... last day of work was nearly two weeks ago.  I thought I would be blogging up a storm!  But instead I have been looking for a new job, finishing quilt tops, finishing whole quilts, running errands, and attending couple's  counseling with the Farmer's Wife.  (Oh, and maybe reading Sweet Valley Confidential and giving myself a pedi...maybe...)

In the past few weeks (I can't remember when) I finished up my quilt top for the Marshmallow Brochette Quilt Along!  Woohoo!  
(the color is a little came out of the camera like this...and I can't seem to fix it...but you get the idea!)
I only lagged behind a little bit with this one as far as piecing went.  I lagged behind a lot with taking and posting pictures...and now I'm obscenely behind with the quilting!  (It's Attach Your Binding week and I'm still trying to decide how to quilt it!)  Anyway, I used Pure Organic in chocolate for the background, Kona white for the borders and connectors, and a combination of a Kona Pretty in Pink fat quarter bundle and Joel Dewberry prints for the squares. 

Now, when I first discovered the world of Modern Quilting blogs, I was reading along with Quilt Dad one day when he was, rightfully, gushing about Joel Dewberry.  I clicked the little link in Quilt Dad's post and immediately fell in love with Modern Meadow.  It was the most beautiful fabric I had ever seen and I knew I could not live without it! (I'm not exaggerating.  I would have died a thousand deaths if I couldn't get my hands on it!  Luckily, before I had to be put on life support, I ordered a bundle of berry fat quarters from one of my favorite stores).  I'm still in love with this line and I want to buy more!

Maybe because it was one of my first modern fabric purchases, maybe because I love it so much that I don't want to waste it on the "wrong" project...whatever the reason, I have not been able to cut into this fabric.  Hoarding the thing you love and saving it for a special occasion go against my way of being.  For example, we use our fancy china every night that we cook dinner (we can't put the it in the microwave when we have leftovers...Chris was a quick, and unsuccessful, trial....I did not tell him "I told you so." Well, I guess now I did...).  Chris also uses one of the good coffee cups every, single morning. We want to enjoy our china every day, not just on special occasions.

I am usually like that with fabric too.  I like to use it and make something that I can enjoy.  So what the heck goes on with me and the Joel Dewberry bundle?  I still don't know. But when I started piecing my Marshmallow Brochette quilt, I held my breath (I'm not kidding) and cut 1 square out of each of my pinks! 

(I seriously cut out a square - not even a whole strip.  Baby steps...)  I only ended up using 5 of the 6 prints, and I mixed them in wherever they fell in the color gradation.  I'm so in love with the colors and design of this quilt!  Thanks for being a design genius, Natalie!!  I already have the fabric for the backing...I just need to piece it and get it basted....and quilt it...and pick more fabric and attach the binding.  See?  I'm practically done!

(Wow, I got a little wordy there, huh?  See what happens when I bottle it up!)


  1. you are AWESOME! I love the way your top turned out. Don't forget to add these pictures to our flickr group! I'm sure the rest of the QALers will be very inspired!

  2. Every time you blog about a quilt I think, "Oh my gosh, that's my favorite quilt ever!" Haha, I love how this is coming out!


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