Thursday, July 21, 2011

It's Too Darn Hot!

Today it's 95 and tomorrow is supposed to be 100.  I know most people in the U.S. are experiencing similar temps...that just means that it's too darn hot everywhere.  Most days, I spend my afternoons holed up in my house being crafty, or I trot off to a fabric store in my air conditioned car...and then hole up for some crafty time!  It's fantastic!!  Except I have been neglecting other duties around weeding...ugghhh!  I hate weeding!

I hate it with a fiery passion.  I would like to have a garden, I just don't want to have to do any duties associated with gardening.  I hate bugs and spiders and anything that might make contact when I least suspect it.  Yes, I want to save the planet, so long as it doesn't touch me in the process.  But our house came with beautiful landscaping and so in previous years we put effort into maintaining it.  Last year I bought one of those super cute gardening mats from Target.  I used it the first day, but since it had been sitting in the dirt all day, it had to live in the garage.  My mat would rather live in the house....or at least, I would rather have it live in the house.  At this point, it's been in the garage for over a year....who knows what kind of bugs or spiders might be on it...what if I pick it up and get spider web on my hand?  Nope.  Can't do it.  So today I just stood up, all hunched over, and pulled weeds.  (Don't worry, I used the sporty bug spray (even though I am most definitely NOT sporty), full sneakers so bugs didn't get through those holes in my Crocs, and some thick-ass gardening gloves!)

I have to admit though, that I know NOTHING about plants.  I can't even identify poison ivy (small children can point it out, but not me!  I must not be allergic...never had an issue with it...) - yeah, I know the leaves are supposed to be shiny and grow in 3s (right?), but a lot of things grow in 3s - or maybe I'm just REALLY good at tricking myself into seeing 3s - and many leaves have a waxy surface...even now that I've looked it up via the magic of Google Images, it doesn't look like anything special...pretty generic if you ask me...  ANYWAY, the point is that I have no idea what I'm doing with plants...I pull out anything that looks out of place and just hope for the best!  

The thing is, that if you ignore weeds, they will not go away.  They gather strength and use their powers for evil.  They grow to freakish heights.  We have succeeded in ignoring our weeds all year!!  I probably would have continued to ignore them...except that I realized, with horror, that our house appeared to be in foreclosure based on the out-of-control look of our yard.  (Although embarrassing on some level, it did make weed identification easier for me.)  So I sucked it up and yanked 'em out!!  They're not all gone, but it looks a bazillion times better.  I just wish I would have done it last week...or a month ago...or any day that would have been cool enough to avoid getting instant swamp ass the second you step outside! 

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