Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Even More Organic Goodness!

I mean, can you really have too much organic goodness?  I didn't think so.

First of all, don't forget to check out part 2 with Jan DiCintio over on Fat Quarterly.  (I am not a paid spokesperson...I just love Fat Quarterly and Jan and being nice to the planet!  I should also note that I don't actually know Jan, but I'm 99.99% sure I would love her if I did!)

Second of all, since we're on the topic of organic quiltiness (ok, maybe I made up that word, but the Webster people will be calling me soon to make it official), I have a little project I made a few months ago.  Everything except the solid white and solid orange are organic!  WOO!! HOO!!
 I really wanted to make a strip quilt and I really wanted to use the Monaco fabric line by Monaluna...so poof!  The perfect union. 
 This will be making its way to London for our friends' daughter.  Our friends have a vespa and the little scooters made me think of them.  I can just imagine them cruising along with little Grace in a papoose!  (They wouldn't really do that.  Although with the magic of Photoshop, anything is possible!) 
 I used Ashley's tutorial and I'm glad I did.  Everything came together quickly and easily...and I didn't have any fabric morphing (you know...when you sew a bunch of straight lines and then you lay it out and it's all curvy and bumpy and one side is longer than the other?  none of that!)!  If you're into spray basting, this tutorial looks fantastic.  You quilt and piece at the same time!  I wanted to use it to save time and avoid pinning but I just can't bring myself to use chemical basting methods. 

(I know they're supposed to wash out, but I'm just not so sure that's enough to ease my mind...  You know that new car/new furniture/paint smell?  That delightful scent comes from Volatile Organic Compounds.  They stick around longer than you might think.  They're not so good for the planet and terrible for people! And they're often found in craft adhesives...  Honestly though, even if they had zero VOCs, I would still try to avoid them.  If something smells that bad and makes it difficult for you to breathe, it doesn't really matter what the chemical is...you just don't want to be inhaling that crap!  PLUS, even if I wore some sort of gas mask, I don't imagine the dogs would be so keen on them! 
Seriously? (photo credit)
 Ok, sorry peeps...enough about that...this is a quilting post, not a lecture on chemicals!) 

So let's get back to the back of the quilt.  I used Pure Organic in Aqua and a leftover piece of the Flowerbed print. 
I quilted on either side of each seam using the edge of my walking foot as a guide (somewhere between 1/4" and 1/2"), starting with the centermost seam and working my way outward. 
Starburst in orange
So the final stats: 

size: 41" x 52"

fabric: Monaco by Monaluna, Pure Organic (chocolate and aqua), Kona white, some solid orange (maybe Moda Bella in Ochre?)

batting: the usual (50% bamboo, 50% organic cotton)

thread: piecing = Aurifil, quilting = King Tut (these are my favs and I try to stick with them whenever I can - I know I've been really spotty about including stuff like this with quilt stats, but I figure it could be useful to someone at some point...  I also just realized that Aurifil has quilting threads...has anyone used them?  Are they as amazing as I imagine?)

Now I just have to get the label on it.  I'm calling the quilt Go Go Grace.  Part of the holdup has been punctuation.  Chris and I couldn't decide whether to use "Go, Go Grace!" or "Go! Go, Grace!" or "Go, Go, Grace!"  (We actually had quite a list of possibilities.  Yeah, we're like that.)  A trusted source has suggested "Go-Go-Grace!" (you know, like "Go-Go-Gadget Arms!")!  Just because she turned to Inspector Gadget in a time of need, I will probably take her suggestion!  This quilt is so crinkly and snuggly and organically good!  Now if only I could get this puppy in the mail so its proper owner could enjoy it!!!

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  1. I love it! The scooters are super cute and I always enjoy a quilt for a girl that isn't in the stereotypical color scheme...although, I also love a quilt for a girl that IS in the stereotypical color scheme! Whatever, I just love all of your quilts.


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