Wednesday, June 22, 2011

more goodies

Remember last week when my camera battery died and I promised to get pictures of my last few goodies?  You probably thought I was just stringing you along... but I wasn't (or at least not on purpose).  Here they are!  They're both from Yahgie+Company - they sell sample fat quarters through their Etsy shop (I want to buy them all!!  And Lindsey (I know you're reading this!) check out Eli the Elephant!)
Designer Chairs, organic cotton
Screaming Lady, organic cotton
I am obsessed with the screaming lady!  Any one else out of their gourd with this one?   Is it just me? At first I thought I would make a pillow...maybe give it away, sell it, I don't know...  But I really don't think I can part with this one.  I want to marry the screaming lady!  (Ok, the novelty of this chick might wear off if it's an exceptionally loud, prolonged scream...or if she's making "the most annoying sound in the world" from Dumb and Dumber...I might not be able to live with her after all....scratch the marriage thing...I want to be friends with her and live in separate houses...)  Anyway, now I'm thinking I should use this to make myself a giant bag...anyone have a pattern in mind? 

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