Monday, June 13, 2011

the demise of dinner

I'm not going to lie.  I usually dread Mondays.  I mean, the weekend is so fun...drinking my coffee while I catch up on the 10,000 blogs I follow, vacuuming up the dog hair tumbleweeds in the living room (ok, not necessarily fun, but satisfying...), sewing and quilting and sewing some more... Mondays mean back to work, back to sitting in my car for what feels like a bazillion hours (long commute).  But today wasn't so bad. 

I got home just in time to feed the dogs and work on my job search.  (I may or may not have used some of that time to download Kerry's spreadsheet and look through my Farmer's Wife book.)  The hubs was getting a late start on some work he had to catch up on, and I wasn't in the mood for serious cooking.  Enter Knorr Creamy Pesto.  I don't think anyone would argue that it counts as Italian food, but it's tasty and quick...fine by me!

Just as the pesto was starting to heat up my grandmother called.  I'll admit, sometimes I will not answer the phone if my gourmet meal is within 5 minutes of being done.  But my grandmother isn't much of a phone person, so I thought I might get away with a quick, I was making Knorr Creamy Pesto.  I answer the phone, stir the pesto, add pasta to boiling water (I also switch from past to present tense).  I then get distracted with the 10,000 permutations of vacation logistics (3 people, 3-7 day's practically impossible to pull off...)  I turn back to the stove...the pesto is bubbling and as I stir, I can feel that it started to burn to the bottom of the pot....oh no!  I can see the little brown bits getting mixed in!  Not good!  Then I realize that I never started the timer for the pasta!  I have no sense of time...have we been talking about how to work the fancy airport ticket computer for 4 minutes or half-a-lifetime?  No one knows!  She is still talking...I can't even say that I have to hang up and tend to my gourmet meal!  Ok, I turn the pesto down...I grab the colander, stir and drain the pasta...NO WAIT!  I forgot to taste one to see if it's done!...  I give up and add the pasta to the pesto...I immediately regret not testing the pasta at some point before the big mix.  I taste's not quite done.  Great!  How did I mess this up?!?  My grandmother finally decides that we had a nice talk but she's going to go...she decides this about 4 times before we actually hang up.  I text the hubs so he can lower his expectations for dinner.  I sit down to find a good show to watch while I eat...there is NOTHING on.  So I am watching a documentary about Amish marriage...I had to giggle when the teens, who were out on dates, started racing their buggies!  (Not so different from English boys, eh?) Dinner ended up just this side of edible so I guess all's well that ends, it's only Knorr Creamy Pesto...

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