Thursday, June 9, 2011

Birds of a Feather

Last Saturday I FINALLY sent a quilt off to an amazing girl named Tatum.  Well, I've never met her but I'm pretty sure she's amazing.  Here are my top 3 reasons:

1. Before we started our quilt-making endeavors, she picked out a bunch of fabrics so I would have a sense of her style.  Said fabrics included Bird Tree by Saffron Craig.  What the what?  I couldn't believe that out of the blue (with no prompting from myself), she picked one of my favorite lines!  I had been dying to use these!!

2. She hates pastels.  Now that I'm all growed up, I love pastels .  They're beautiful and soft and make me feel calm.  But when I was her age I put a ban on these pale beauties - I tried to force the ban on my entire family, but I only found success with my own wardrobe.  So I get it....I feel a bond...I like that she has strong feelings about a whole family of colors. 

3. She was a doodle pad for Halloween!

Anyway, a while back I made two quilts from this Moda Bake Shop Recipe. 
bet you can't guess their names!

Tatum decided that she wanted the same general style with her name and a bird or tree in the middle.  So here it is:

I got all of the Bird Tree fabrics...except this one.  Oops!  I didn't get a picture of it, but I made the little birds out of white fabric and did a little raw-edge applique to make my own version on a dark purple background.  And I pieced the back (again!).
(this one was too big to hold up - you can see my head poking through!)
Tatum really likes art and drawing.  So for the quilting I alternated purple and white lines across the quilt, tracing each purple line three times to make it look more like sketching.  Then, I started with the birds.  I made bias-cut strips and sewed it together to make a bias-cut tube for the tree.  For the birds, I made giant versions of Saffron's birds and did more raw-edge applique (and more sketching) might be able to see it here:

and here (sorry about the thready mess...we took pictures pre-trimming!...)

In exchange for the quilt, Tatum's mom (Carisa - see her name on the right side of the page?) designed my logo and quilt labels.  Carisa is super-talented!  Check these out:
I printed the labels in a bunch of colors (along with little 2.5" logos) through Spoonflower.  I love, love, love them!!!  Thanks Carisa! 

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