Wednesday, May 25, 2011

when will I ever learn?

Last weekend I stopped at my local quilt shop (LQS).  They sell amazing threads.  I only bought fabric.  All day today I was dreaming of coming home to finish the quilting on my Mod Times quilt (see today's first post).  I sat down and saw that the bobbin thread was low - no big woo - problem solved by winding said bobbin.  And when I looked up this is what I found...
That's right.  NO THREAD LEFT!  Why god, why did I not buy thread last weekend?  Why did I not even consider my thread status?  With any luck I can get home before the shop closes tomorrow (otherwise I have to wait until the weekend...which will be torturous - torturous, I tell you!)

But I was still in good spirits.  I have this delicious little WIP (work in progress) in need of a pieced backing.  

I pulled out my fabrics only to find that I did not buy enough!  Again, what the what?!?  I cannot be trusted to plan my own quilting adventures!  Well, I'm off to determine whether a little creative cutting can fix any of this. 

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